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Group Travel
ASAP Tickets appreciate the opportunity to handle all large and small group travel inquiries. Our successful cooperation with 150 world’s most reputable airlines allows us to offer our clients some of the best Economy and Business class group travel deals in the industry. With ASAP Tickets you need only 5 people traveling together to qualify for group travel discount.
Why Book Group Travel with Us?
  • Flights to more than 200 destinations
  • 150 world’s most reputable airlines
  • Over 850 professional travel agents
  • More discounts for larger groups
  • Access to low-cost, unpublished group travel fares
  • Name changes
  • Seat assignment for the entire group
  • Flight reservation up to 50 weeks in advance with a deposit
  • Group flight tickets, hotel reservations, car rental and other arrangements
Lowest Fares from Travel Experts
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What We Offer For Groups?
Live Help Anytime Before, During and After Your Trip via Phone and Email
Excellent Service Provided by All of Our 850 Live Travel Agents
Big Savings Unavailable Online + Children, Family and Group Travel Discounts
If You Find a Lower Price Anywhere Online, We'll Meet or Beat It!
Ticket Protection for Your Peace of Mind Worldwide

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Fully Organized Group Trip
Cheap Group Flights

ASAP Tickets specializes in offering discounted group flight which are quoted at special rates. Our travel agents have access to exclusive promotions and group deals from 150 airlines and travel partners worldwide. We offer regular, complex and multi-city group flights to more than 200 destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, India and Latin America. Our agents are able to book large group flight tickets 50 weeks in advance with only some deposit of the ticket price.

Hotel Deals

Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, a guest house, a hotel or an exclusive spa resort for your group our agents will be able to put together some of the best accommodation deals available. ASAP Tickets have contacts with accommodation owners all over the world and we guarantee to find you most suitable place for your group’s specific needs and budget. ASAP Tickets have insider’s access to make special accommodation requests - breakfast, double beds, mini bar, view to the ocean or anything else that could make your group’s trip more comfortable.

Group Travel Extras

Our travel agents manage special group travel arrangements - meals on the plane (vegetarian, lactose-free, kosher, diabetic, for kids etc), wheelchairs requests at the airport, transportation to and from the airport, car rental, consultation about the aircraft, special accommodation requests and other arrangements that can make the trip more comfortable.

24/7 Assistance

We understand that trip planning does not stop at buying flight tickets - that’s why our agents are available to assist your group every step of the way. Need a last minute assistance at the gate? Give our travel agent a call!

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